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I love you izanami, this is literally the most sexy man ryukihshi has ever written. his story made me CRY with how fucking good it is god i fucking love you izanami you legend, you you you pice of shit...... i'd love to describe the story from "the reaper of the 13th step" from higanbana but IT'S BEST READ BLIND but my god. ok.

god just this ahs to be the best short story i've ever read the premise is this young girl who struggles to find meaning in life not being able to get herself to do anything and she tries to meet up with a shinigami so it can take her life but i think she realizes this is too scary but at that point it's too late as she's met with izanami and he's like "you have to run away from me or i will kill you" and the first scene is just her running in the school from him since he ALSO trapped her in there, but. get this. he's not running at all. he's walking. he's walking and a fter a bit of time he lets her go. and this winds up being what happens EACH DAY after her classes.and godddd when i fucking realized. this gave her a MOTIVE TO LIVE. and the final act of the story is her participating in a marathon where izanami says "i'll run after you still, but this time i promise you a gentle death" whereas before he threatened her with sending her to hell basically....god...... GOD... that shit made me cry so bad. this has to be one of the best things ever written
and like yeah his method is kinda very very fucked up like he litrealy THREATENED a girl's life to get better but at the same time this story made me bawl so much so ill forgive him.