I was playing one of the 3D GTA games with a close frined of mine and they drove me to a sortof paradise land with a really nice view and stations that gave anyone that stopped at them "admin perms", I believe this also made my perspective switch to the first person.

The station was a sortof small tunnel where you could park in, and there, my friend showed me some cool shit they had in the game. Though, the tunnel also featured a slightly elevated spot to the right, where an old man with a hunchback lived, he always carried around a large garden fork, the only thing he'd do was yell out the words "READ HORRID".

My friend sprays a default graffiti à la Source games featuring an image of a poorly drawn horse under our car (since it looked like a shitstain), and we soon left... But come back since, as the pranksters we are, we also had a 'Poop Gun' on our person, which I take, run into his room and realize he's not exactly smart as I could just hide behind a wall and shoot with close to no consequences, besides him running straight into the wall, trying to get me, like a very basic enemy AI.

I HASTILY try to get back to our car but he was far too fast for us to get away, he pulls us both out of the car, and stabs me with the garden fork, I was in shock at how easily it pierced through my body, and at how much it hurt. He'd made a deal with us that he'd spare us for now, if we were to bring our friends tomorrow to kill ALL of us (sounds stupid right? but that's what he said, I guess).

During the time he begins repeating "READ HORRID", an unrelated woman walks by, and she too begins saying the phrase, distracting him, which gave me the perfect opportunity to take his tool from his hand and to impale him directly in his crooked back, he stares at me and groans, but I bore the tool again even harder in him and he dies.

My friend had graffiti'd the horse drawing again, and we'd drove off smiling to ourselves.