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  3. Anxiety
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Dream Diary

Possible content warning for dark themes or some of the stuff here being just completely bizzare, read at your own risk.
Another little note I would add is that some of the blanks in my dreams I'll probably replace with something that seemed interesting and/or makes it more cohesive.
You could possibly consider this page an amateurish attempt at writing.
In any case, I hope you enjoy!

I have also marked sillier, more non-sensical dreams with an asterisk!

I will also mark things my own theories, or blanks I had in the dream with yellow text!

Cat pictures. [PLACEHOLDER]*
Edutainment sonic roblox game?? That was also fall guys?? [PLACEHOLDER]*
My third grandmother [PLACEHOLDER]
Anticlimactically getting a girl into Umineko
Weird Minecraft Update [PLACEHOLDER]
Higurashi Roblox Obby [PLACEHOLDER]
Picture perfect


Not to be confused with liorinkarmic, though I do think that was where my brain took inspiration from for this name.

I met this random person going by the name of riorinkaormic, and they seemed like a cool guy, what can I say? This was what I thought until I had received news of something awful they had done, I don't remember what it was, but I had blocked them, they used an alternative account to try to contact me again, which I also blocked.

But at that point, they'd sent friend requests from alternative accounts to other social media I had that had no relation to the first one mentioned, all the block buttons felt like they were hidden away as this person was crawling through the web to try and get me. They'd also started trying to contact people related to me on said latter social medias.

Just when I'd thought everything to be over, with all of the social medias open in front of my face, I stared, and what I saw was an endless flood of friend request and follow notifications.

Gmod with the guys[PLACEHOLDER]*

Psyche TV

I was in a large bedroom, sitting on the bed, controlling a large projector. Behind me were my parents watching, and infront of me was a table at which people I vividly remember having bad encounters with, watching as well. Before anything begun, I'd also saved a copy of my... real life save file?

What was being shown was a sort of operating system that represented my mind, with various applications I don't remember the name or function to, but one of them was a "Yume Nikki" game, I was playing it. Despite its name, it did not have anything resembling the eponymous game, looking more like an old Famicom RPG, even though the main character's sprite did have a slight similarity to Madotsuki. I was in a world that looked like church of sorts that featured a mix of dark reddish colors and black. One of the members of the audience had made a negative remark about what was being shown and me, feeling hurt, had called them the same thing they said, though in a self derisive way.

But what they said had hit harder than I expected, I jumped back into the bed in a sort of kneeling position, covering my face with my arms, after which I dug through my own skull with my fingers and began to scratch away to completely erase the "Yume Nikki" application altogether, while my parents watched begrudgingly. I was trying to act smug about the whole thing, but the audience was silent. Until King from Deltarune came in and asked for the backup save file I'd made, which I gave him without much hesitation, to which he bounced away happily.

Unnamed game 2 (unrelated to its prequel sadly, but a fan favorite protagonist is back!)

Cool guy*

At school I'd met up with a cool trans guy I first talked to on Instagram, at some point we'd also sat in the same desk.

When we left school, we parted ways, but me being as unfocused as I usually am, I don't notice I just have my mouth open and am drooling as I walk along. They saw me being a dumbass and in turn also drooled themselves and pointed towards it to make me aware of what I am doing.

What a cool guy!

Grandma is playing isaac!!*


I dreamed that there was a Steins;Gate anime made in the 90s that had 2 seasons, most notable change I can recall was that Daru was completely slim for some reason, the covers for the 2 seasons were identical, being a picture of this new slim Daru, the first one having a blue background, and the other having a red background, and making Daru's eyes red, I guess?

There were also exactly 2 Angry Birds crossover games with Steins;Gate, for some reason?

Can an even bigger crossover exist?*

I dreamed up a racing game with a varying cast of characters, which included: fall guys, lol beans, yoshi, possibly mario, Carl Johnson and his girlfriend too.

Each character had an unique trait but I don't remember any besides Yoshi being giant, he made it very easy to win.

"GTA with Touhou Elements"*

I was playing a mod of San Andreas that added... Touhou elements? The only notable thing I can remember was an "Reimu Armpit Smell" slider, which initially just made CJ's armpits have smoke coming out of them, but the maximum setting also made citizens around him die.

I also had another mod installed called AerisRear, which just added a forward and back sprite of Aerith from Final Fantasy 7, and well, she was rather nude to say the least, the sprite(s) appeared on screen upon the pressing of a key I do not remember.

Weird cross-platform homebrew*

Something a bit more ordinary*

I was in class with a girl who I seemed to be friends with, we hugged and she blushed.

Something a bit more cozy
Unnamed Game
The fourth
Skeleton friend
"Mari█ M█riya"

Anxiety (and overcoming it?)

I was in an unknown classroom with some of my old classmates.

Our teacher asked us if we had read poems by M. Zakky (this is an Umineko composer, he has not made poems), so shortly after that I keep trying to argue that M. Zakky has NOT written poems, but it ends up futile and we have to read around thirty poems from page 264 in around thirty minutes.

I keep messing the page up trying to search in whatever book and only manage to read three of the poems. My teacher asks me about them and when I was talking to her, I just went through a nether portal randomly.

After class was over, I met a girl holding a dog, she said something, but I could not remember it at all, after which I head on my way home. I try to open google maps to lead me there, but it's in Spanish... at this point I just said "fuck it" and woke up in my bed.

The Pillar Conspiracy

At... work?

I seemingly applied for an unknown job related to computers one day and presented myself... at work.

I was there with another person, my coworker, and we were both in a "newbie" sort of rank, so we only had a task, that being to fill out a survey in a room with two separate computers on brown wooden desks that opposed eachother. The WHOLE time we were just messing around in the room, I particularly remember watching me and him drawing really cool trees from a top - down perspective, that perspective was also warped so it looked EXTRA neat. After we were done fumbling around, we decided to finally fill up the survey, but it was gone! Not even in the history... (I can only assume we closed it off in our dumb distraction.)

Kinda worries me a bit about my future job, hahahahaha...

Did the spanish language literally kill me?*

Depite literally writing this the day after I HAD this dream, It still feels rather fuzzy, I was having some trouble sleeping so it seemed all even more real...

I was at my computer and I believe I was playing a Yume Nikki game, when suddenly strings of white text in Spanish appeared on screen, so like I thought, "That's pretty silly, heh." and I was gonna send this to my spanish friend, ummi, but right as I was trying to take a screenshot of the screen, my body slowly became more tired, very similar to the feeling one gets when they would sit somewhere for a lot of time then stand up, as I leaned more and more to the left of my chair, about to fall off, after which I woke up...

I think I had this dream because I played a lot of Higurashi (hence the weird scrolling text, it was very similar to text you'd see in a VN), and also Yume 2kki, I listened to its music for like half an hour that day...

"Touhou 15"
The temple...



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June (ha)

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