I was checking Discord, when I suddenly realize my account is sending messages that I am not typing! I quickly realize that I'm probably being hacked and I try changing my passwords on both there, and also Neocities, but to my dismay, I realize my page has been completely changed to a black webpage with some dark boxes that had red outlines leading to several other pages, I do not remember any of them besides one at the top linking to a Madness Combat shrine page of sorts.

Due to this, I decide to research their username (that was on my hacked(?) page) and find they had quite the reputation, I even stumbled upon a timeline of events of their life on a similarly dark page with red text on it.

I found out that some time ago, they ran a blog, I managed to access it with the help of a link to the wayback machine featured on that site. The blog looked like an average webpage with the background of a cartoony sewer and a sidebar on the left, which had a vertical gradient from top to bottom, fading from red to black, it also had a picture of Koffing that was always at bottom right of the page, maybe their favorite pokemon?

In any case, their blog documented their quest to acquiring magic, which referred to... hurting people, and most likely killing them. My mind immediately imagined them wearing a cosplay of Cirno during their rampages, hence the name of this dream. In any case, it was all... listed there, I do also recall them mentioning some kind of person or group who said they would help them get the "Mana" required for their magic by doing these murderous acts for them. It was really, really pitiful reading those things and realizing how easily they were being used, but it was also appalling to find that they've not been caught at all, or even mentioned anywhere, which would make anyone wonder, was their blog even real, or an elaborate ruse?

But the blog also mentions that one day that infact, they did get caught, even mentioning their real name on the post, which upon me researching, I foundout that they did actually exist and go to prison, but the actual motive was not mentioned. Their sentence was shorter than what I'd expected from what they wrote, so perhaps it was something completely unrelated to their quest for magic.

The page documenting their life also points out that this blog was one day completely renovated out of the blue, it was speculated that happened because a viewer of the site noticed an error regarding a preview image on one of the buttons and pointed it out to its creator, which led to them soon remaking their entire online presence, including changing their username.

The final paragraph on the timeline documented their renovated site featuring a link to it, which upon being clicked, lead to my webpage.