Higurashi Roblox Obby

I was talking to a friend when they suddenly mentioned a Higurashi Roblox game they played about a year ago, claiming it sucked. Exactly what it says on the tin.

Actually not quite, at first the game placed you in the Comet Observatory from Super Mario Galaxy, remade in minecraft! But it soon turned into a theme park at night.

The premise of the actual game that started here was to hide from the line of sight of the higurashi girls so that you could avoid their knives.

The first girl was Mion Sonozaki, and her puzzle was just going into a merry-go-round, that held small rooms in its cranes, to avoid her, prettyu easy.

The next girl was Rika Furude, she was in her "casual" attire, and to avoid her, you had to hide behind some stands, which slided from one to another, also pretty easy. Until I looked back at Rika and realized she was shaking her head and i'm like What the fuck and her knives started homing right towards me, the only solution now was to jump over them.

The next puzzle was a blank to me, but you got introduced to an evil Rika, I could best describe as an .exe Rika. She was covered in blood, as per .exe attire. Her knives would also home in vertically, making jumping useless! I'd completed her puzzle and walked past her, only to see her chasing after me!

Horrified, I looked forward, and saw two moreRrikas, one like the first I described, in casual clothes, stationary, and one in school clothes, which I believe walked ocassionaly and threw knives faster. At this point, I could tell this was a dream and i let myself be killed by the new Rika.

One thing that struck me quite hard was that the typical Roblox death animation was not present at all, but instead it was replaced with a pov cutscene of that Rika jumping on you and stabbing your throat with rather crude animation.