The Pillar Conspiracy

I was at a meeting at a hotel with around four of my online friends.

The meeting was to start at an unknown hour which I will refer to as "XX:20" throughout these paragraphs. The the current hour was around XX-1:50, so I decide to take a walk outside so that time can pass, I got lost very easily and it felt like several hours had passed, but when I returned it was only XX o'clock, meaning somehow only ten minutes passed. Due to this occurence, I propose to my friends the idea to move to this other hotel (or a guesthouse?) nearby and wait there until the meeting had started.

We get a room, with very high quality service! The only downside we noticed was that the internet was at its worst subscription. (Internet was a subscription service in this dream with three purchase tiers for whatever reason.) We decide to mess around and watch old YouTube videos we made on the hotel supplied laptop which was already in the room, while also cherishing the fact we finally met in real life.

The time passed disturbingly fast. It was already XX:20 so two of my friends left, while the one left decided to wait for me to log off our YouTube account and another site for a game I signed in there. I started with logging off the game site first... but the "Log Out" button did not exist anywhere on its page. I decide to swiftly search up "'whatever game it was' log out", but searching that only gave results for a page on the game's wiki for items named "Log Outs". We decided the game account wasn't a big deal so we moved on the YouTube account.

Except its button was missing too. I frantically search, "log off youtube", or rather, I try to. It was as if the universe was preventing me from not mistyping "YouTube", it felt as if, the keyboard was being spun under my very fingertips. And at this point, something strange occurs.

The computer switches from the Google tab, I was using to a YouTube video(?) of a slideshow of dark, grainy, real life pictures of tall, rectangular, antique pillars with a green tint on them. They looked something like this:

I mentioned it was a sort of slideshow, because with each photo, came another one, one in the same camera angle, but with the pillar moved to a vastly different place. To describe it in a better way, it felt like a picture of an alternate universe where the pillar was in a different place. As the first image switched, a slow, creepy piano was being played in the background. It felt like an unnerving conspiracy theory video.

Before I woke up, there were a near three seconds of pitch blackness.

The thing I found most odd about this dream was the pillar slideshow for sure. Before I slept, I was imagining a particular geometrical structure probably best described as a typical three dimensional house from a child's drawing but with its roofs merged together.