Unnamed Game

I was playing a weird 3D horror game with a 2-bit black and dark pink aesthetic and sprites (possibly prerendered?) for the characters while one of my friends was just narrating it in a rather silly way.

It took place in the corner of a street and we were loading things into the store there from our cars. There was another player character like me in the game accompanied by a partner, both did not seem to interact with me in any way, though only the other "player" character was actually doing anything, perhaps an invisible tutorial? There was another car that would come periodically though, "oh fuck", my friend would say whenever it came, it would bring out a girl who would try to chase me and kill me, and would leave some time soon after I avoided her for long enough.

At one point though, I got fed up by that endless chase and I decided to attack her with a plank, bashing her brains rather viscerally. At this point the seemingly main antagonistic force in the game reveals itself, that being a dark four-way star with particularly realistic eyes, my friend narrates "The mysterious entity is about to do something scary" as it begins to possess the other player's partner, them seemingly unknowning of it happening.

The dream ends.