I was in a completely unknown to me room that was very long, I seemed to own it. It had a lot of consoles and also peripherals for them which made me rather joyous having them all beside me.

Though this feeling didn't last long, as somehow I could tell I was in a nightmare, and my mind had essentially told me that this is a reoccuring dream, and to watch out for a specific forbidden word, to not even think it.

Obviously to not much avail, I managed to find the word by accident, though not through my thoughts, it was simply written on a sign, "sickcare". My mind had told me what said word would do, it would make Someone I Don't Want To Name (SIDWTN, for short) appear outside of my house and stare at me, until they eventually got in. If I'd saw the word there was no going back until SIDWN had gotten into the house which also made the day reset to the very beginning.

With what my mind had also told me, I concluded that this instance was the farthest I'd gotten after seeing the bad omen. I was just looking out from my apartment window looking at them while my entire sense of reasoning seemed to go haywire. In my eyes, their figure flipped upside down, sideways, and at some point the entire view from the window had turned into a crude drawing of itself the more I tried to ignore SIDWTN.

My mom had eventually let them in, and I woke up, anxious of even thinking of that phrase.