The temple...

I was playing a Yume Nikki fangame until I got to a sort of temple area that had a palette of rose colors, it reminded me a lot of the Forgotten Town from 2kki, I think my brain might've even based it on that as I made the wiki page the same day when I took this nap. In the temple there were three copies of Madotsuki, but desaturated? They each had a 1/3 chance (no idea how I know this) of displaying a full screen event to the player.

Its first phase showing a drawing in the style of Ib of a man wearng a green shirt and blue pants, laying on the side vertically to the screen in an oval position.

The event itself was a fullscreen monochrome image depicting a close up of a car crash victim's(?) mangled head, with crudely drawn cracks coming out of their face, almost as if the image itself was a shattered piece of glass.