"Touhou 15"

I don't remember a whole lot of this one... but I was at my own house, and one of the rooms was completely filled to the brim with computers with around 3-4 monitors of different shapes and sizes, tall, wide, you name it!

Two of the computers were playing the same Touhou song, and I think I decided to turn them all off. Somewhen after that, I acquired a mod for... Touhou 15, on... something and played it on my main computer. The game was in widescreen surprisingly, but still keeping the original playing field dimensions(?) and logo in the corner and all that with the score and stuff, I don't remmeber who you played as at all. I also remember it was completely nothing like Touhou 15, it used backgrounds similar to Hollow Knight's title screen. It was almost like a fan sequel to Touhou 14 before Touhou 15 would've released, it didn't even have a subtitle.

One of the backgrounds from the title screen of Hollow Knight, a dark blue landscape with a light coming from the bottom.

In any case, I finish it and the game displays a message in the EoSD font, "You have unlocked Alt. Shot". The game continues in an area without any restraints of the playing field (fully widescreen Touhou basically). This was now the background to the game:

One of the backgrounds from the title screen of Hollow Knight, a dark yellow landscape with a light coming from the top, almost resembling a spotlight.

The supposed Alt. Shot was a very laggy shot type that just shot yellow bullets that homed whenever, the enemies also now shot the same alternative bullets as I did, this was when things got very weird. The enemy bullets came flying of the screen in the form of small wisps and towards the ceiling, this rightfully creeped me out and I decided to look at Discord to make sure I'm not dreaming (which I very much was).

Doing that made me realize that the game was constantly changing its process name(?), I don't remember to what exactly but it was other different other anime games which I can't recall the name of. I try to close it by right clicking its icon on the taskbar and selecting "Close Window" to no avail, because that option was replaced with... a random quote? I also try to open the task manager from the task bar, with the option for that simply being inexistant.

I take a peek at the game once more and it boldly proclaims to me in slightly faded out text in a cursive font in the top right corner of the screen:

'You're Pussy' written in a fancy font.

To which I promptly woke up...