Umineko Girl

I was at school, after hours, with some guys, for some reason, at which point a girl classmate walks up to me and says "Hey, you should help my friend out.",so I'm like "okay.", and said friend calls me.

She asked me wether or not the version of the Umineko When They Cry port she got on her Android is the latest version or something, and I replied "Yes, I installed it and checked.". It also seems she'd gotten to episode 4.

I excitedly DM one of my friends, proclaiming my victory: "Yo i got a girl into umineko". They were impressed and proud.

This was the catalyst for me to check various old electronic devices I have to see how I've changed over the years, I suppose.

My laptop had a Cuphead lock screen, which I wasn't ever really the biggest fan of, and it did catch me off guard..., a spare 3DS with a theme that would make it look like the original DS, a... makeshift Nintendo Switch? and also two phones...