I've really got to change a lot of things here!!

April 28th, 2022

I have decided to make my site even more personal... to actually make it more interesting!

By that I mean adding an actual blog page (you're here!) documenting whatever things I find neat and also making my interests page more organized lol. that also including definitely dating entries since I do think it'd be interesting to see how much I evolve "speech-wise". I might just archive it under a separate page and then entirely remake it for I sorta still like how it looks really haha.

Another thing I've gotta do is definitely uh, make a separate page for each entry on both here and also the interests page, if i decide to talk about them in depth it would make these pages veeeery fucking big. Though, honestly not sure if I should go with that or just keep it as is.

Also going to use this as a sortof note for how I'm ging to lay it out, this is going to be a general blogging section about anythig while "interests" is gonna be replaced with reviews which would be similar in design but just be split up into video games, music, and tv shows. It's a shame I'll probably have to retire the small navigation window I made in only CSS but... it is what it is now...

Edit like five minutes later after I wrote this, maybe I can still implement that nav window if I also add scrolling to it...

Edit like half an hour later, I managed to port it!! And it works with the tabbing script!!