Hello dear web diary!

May 28th, 2023

It sure has been some time, hasn't it? :3

Lots of things have changed, your girl has been more confident lately, your girl has more friends, your girl is really proud of herself! Your girl is gay for the men from the kill the past series. They'll get a shrine page eventually, I promise! They need some transgendering x33

Yes, I have been going through the Kill the Past franchise, so far with killer7, silver case AND flower, sun and rain; very very interesting games and I fell in love with each of them for their uniqueness, and simply, their elegant presentation. I invite you to listen to Lost & Found from Flower, Sun and Rain's DS OST, an amazing song! it's even the background music on a nintendo dsi theme i'm making!

i'll make sure to upload it when I can think up what to do for the bottom screen too :33

I've similarly made a theme for my dsi based on yume nikki!!

I would have uploaded it to the official twilightmenu themes site but I guess it's stuck in waiting on the pull request still so :[ but! i'll post a download link riiight here, and yeah it's just discord but I'll post it somewhere else at some point okay... also! this download also features the .pdn files if you wanna edit it however you see fit :)

the power of humans to create things and share them with others is one i will forever cherish and embrace for all of my life ^w^

In any case, I'm not sure what else to write here besides that I hope you have a good day seeing this, because i've had one too :3 byebyeee Ɛ> (yup i didnt know how to do it normally because of the html TwT but here it is)