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This is my corner of the Interwebz also known as my NeoCities page! This website acts as a channel through which I wish to express myself with the help of the wondrous languages of HTML and CSS! (and also javascript but we don't talk about that one). You are free to navigate my psyche using the hyperlinks located in the header of this page, I hope you have a great time here!

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about me!!

Hi! I'm Lamellie Dunixi! I'm an agender clusterfuck. I use she/her pronouns. My hobbies include drawing, consuming psychological media and listening to experimental music.
 Want to see the media I've liked enough to gush about on this site? Go to my interests page. (No reviews for albums though sadly... ^^')
 My other acounts can be found on my social page! You can also talk to me through these or just comment on my NeoCities profile!

Live feed from my last.fm!


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I am feeling The current mood of sasaja at www.imood.com.
I also have some site buttons!

(though perhaps it might be better to download them and upload them to your site instead, not fully sure how it works but might as well put this as a disclaimer here)

art of me!
a drawing of me in the style of higurashi when they cry's sprites
by ummi!
a more realistic drawing of me by vee
by vee!

made in a doll maker

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dancing purple jar jar binks!!